Enviromental Commitment

It’s every producer responsibility to respect the planet and preserve biodiversity, as producing Organic certified product is our main aim to achieve in our formulas, some times we had to make a decision whether is it worth it ? producing eco cert certified product unfortunatlly is not as sweet as it sound all the time, some organic certified active ingredients are not always innocent, it can be endangared or rare plant species actives , and some times those actives can contain pollutant as silicons, in this case when we select or ingredient we make sure to follow our values 4 main values:

 1.“The Earth is what we all have in common”

We are just like you – part of the community of people that want to create positive change, make responsible decisions and return to our roots. In our eyes, that means working with nature, not against it.

2.“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”

When we formulate products, we don’t think about what we can add—we think about what we can subtract. Only the most simple, high quality, effective ingredients remain in the bottle with no added fillers and harsh chemicals.

3.Support claims with evidence.

We believe consumers are smart enough to know what’s effective and what’s just glossy marketing. For our fellow nerds, we’ve included detail ingredients pages in our blog that summarize the chemistry and contain links to scientific research documenting the efficacy of the ingredients we use—because every claim should be backed by evidence. (Spoiler alert: plants are amazing).

4.Make the experience easy and enjoyable.

People are busy, and natural products can take some getting used to; we formulate ours with the ease and ritual of use in mind. We try to design multi-tasking products that smell and feel great while remaining super effective.

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